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  • What is semi-private personal training like?
    Semi-private training creates a workout experience that blends all the benefits of having a private trainer while keeping pricing affordable and allowing participants to enjoy the extra motivation and connection of having fun and developing community relationships with others who also want to bring fitness into their own lives.
  • What if I’ve never lifted weights or worked out in a gym before?
    That’s perfect! The Body Shop is set up to meet you as you are! You don’t need any prior experience to join us for a workout, and we will be there to empower you, educate you and be your ultimate partner every step of the way. We are here to lift you up, because we really do believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to helping you attain your goals.
  • What if I have physical limitations or pre-existing medical conditions?
    We are here for you! Your medical history is confidential and respected in every way. We are trained to modify and custom-fit your workouts to meet your goals and to help protect you from injury while supporting you in recovering or overcoming challenges in any way we can. It is important that your doctor has approved you to exercise prior to participating in your first workout, though. And if your doctor wants to talk to Denise prior to clearing you for working out, just let us know and she will facilitate communication with those who are overseeing your health or recovery.
  • Do I need any special clothing or equipment to prepare for my first workout?
    There is no need for any specialized supplies and equipment to begin training with Denise, The Body Shop has all your equipment needs covered. However, good quality, supportive, well-fitting athletic shoes are important for you to wear to each workout because they help to safeguard you from injury and will support your peak performance in each session. Comfortable clothes that allow you freedom to move without feeling restricted will allow you to focus on your workout without frustration. If you have a favorite water bottle, bring it with you because we have a filtered water refill station positioned in the workout area to keep you hydrated. Lastly, if you have a small hand towel you can bring with you, it will help keep sweat at bay and prevent your hands from having to manage those sweat droplets that are sure to form when you apply yourself to Denise’s transformative workouts! If you have questions about your shoes, clothes or any other aspect of preparing for a training session, ask anytime. We are committed to helping you feel comfortable and ready to work!
  • Can I speak confidentially about my concerns prior to registering for a class?
    Of course you can! We hold respect and confidentiality among our top priorities at The Body Shop. We respect your needs and your right to speak freely about your feelings and fitness journey knowing that we want to earn your trust, faith and confidence every step of the way. Send us an email through the website, or call anytime and we will schedule a time for you to receive undivided attention to address any concerns or questions before you even step foot in the door. We care about you feeling comfortable and excited to begin your fitness journey.
  • What is the minimum age for workout participants?
    Anyone over age 18 is invited to join us for workouts at The Body Shop. We believe that healthy adults and parents are the best models and mentors for the youth of our communities. Together we can create inspiration and motivation for those around and thereby create healthier futures for us all.
  • Do I need to do anything to prepare for my first workout with Denise?
    Being well-rested, well-hydrated and wearing proper shoes and clothes are the best ways to prepare for your first workout. If you have any aches and pains, injuries or pre-existing health conditions prior to your first workout, make sure to discuss them with your doctor to ensure your physician approves you for exercise, then just let Denise know when you complete your online waiver and registration before your first workout. Leave the rest to us, we are here for you.
  • Why are other classes and modalities part of the offerings at The Body Shop?
    Denise created The Body Shop with the vision that to be truly healthy, we need to take care of all parts of ourselves. The variety of workout and educational options available at The Body Shop compliments the science-based workouts Denise offers and allow you to experience different ways of being active and supporting well-being every day. Our Body Shop Yoga Classes will help you increase your strength, flexibility and pain-free range of motion. Our Body Shop Barre Classes will help you sculpt long, lean muscles as you build impact-free endurance. The combination of offerings at The Body Shop are curated to support your needs and goals!
  • What is The Body Shop?
    The Body Shop is a fitness community and wellness center based in Rockwood, Tennessee that supports adults in learning how to: establish and attain their physical fitness goals, develop self-care patterns that improve their health and well-being, in balanced, accessible and sustainable ways, while having fun being active together! The Body Shop is committed to serving and supporting adults with busy lives who feel disconnected from their health, wellness & fitness. The Body Shop offers accessible, empowering semi-private group training sessions, classes, workshops and private sessions that help you get very healthy and fit, while learning about your body’s needs for wellbeing. We believe that there is no single definition for health, and no single formula for how to achieve it. We believe that learning about YOU, discovering YOUR personal definition of wellness, and becoming your partner in achieving those goals are the most ethical and honest ways to help you reconnect with your maximum potential. At The Body Shop, we believe in you and what is possible when we each feel properly supported in learning to take amazing care of ourselves in body and mind. All of The Body Shops classes, workshops and offerings are based on these fundamental beliefs. At The Body Shop you, your body, your mind and your views are respected by responsible professionals who have committed themselves to service and support with ethics, compassion and respect.
  • Why was The Body Shop started?
    The Body Shop was started as a passion project that resulted from a powerful personal transformation. The Body Shop’s founder, Denise Swafford, once found herself in a situation familiar to many adults world-wide: accomplished, overwhelmed and exhausted. Despite having a happy family, a successful career and the ingredients for what could be happiness, Denise’s self-care and wellness had gone years without adequate attention. She was uncomfortable in her own skin, unsatisfied with her fitness and her low self-esteem. Inside, she knew that more was possible. She knew inside that there was another version of daily life. She visioned a version of daily life where she felt fit, energetic, and joyful as she enjoyed all aspects of her life and work. She visioned and planned out this new, fit and vivacious version of herself and set a path to accomplish her goals. Fueled by her vision and a willingness to learn every step of the way- Denise accomplished those original goals and more when she stepped onstage and competed in a national-level figure competition and won her Pro Card the very first time on stage! Even more importantly, she succeeded in discovering her personal owner’s manual to well-being and happiness. The transformation occurred inside and out, in body and mind. When Denise and her family decided to return to her roots and settle permanently in Roane County, Tennessee, her love for her new community and her love for fitness led her to create The Body Shop. Welcome to The Crew! We are so excited to help you discover your personal Owner’s Manual to self-care, amazing fitness, wellbeing- and the transformations to body and mind that will result!
  • Who is The Body Shop for?
    The Body Shop is for busy adults who are tired of feeling like their health, well-being or fitness goals are unreachable, unaffordable or inaccessible to them. The Body Shop is for people who are tired of working out unsupported or feeling like no part of the fitness community is designed for them to attain their personal goals. The Body Shop is for people who want to feel included, accepted, and appreciated for who they are at every size, shape, or level of physical condition. The Body Shop is for people who are ready to transform their lives in mind and body by taking balanced and progressive steps toward feeling their best without suffering or mistreating the body.
  • How is The Body Shop different?
    The Body Shop is different because we are willing to help you achieve more than just a clinical definition of health and well-being. What really sets us apart is that our Crew works with you to be your partner in achieving your dreams and your personal definition of wellbeing. The Body Shop motto is “The sky is the limit” because we believe that commitment, consistency, and collaboration are the keys to making your wildest dreams come true and to feeling better than you’ve ever imagined. Our goal is to provide a wellness environment where people do not feel judged, shamed or disempowered for their bodies, views or goals. At The Body Shop, nobody is told that there is only one way to live, one way to move, or one way to eat. Instead, The Body Shop provides the experiences, education, and empowerment needed to help people identify the specific set of lifestyle requirements that will lead them to their personal definition of greater health and well-being. We do not provide one-size-fits-all fitness or nutrition programming. Rather, The Body Shop provides people a place where people are able to be themselves and find the community, support, and acceptance that allow them to explore what they desire for themselves in terms of health and well-being. Then we help each person acquire the skills, information, and tools that will help them create that unique reality for themselves in a sustainable and enjoyable way. We create an environment that allows us to form community with people who seek a positive wellness environment, while also providing enough individualized and focused support to allow people to explore the more challenging and personal aspects of their fitness and health journey. We care, and you will feel it every step of the way.
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