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At The Body Shop, nobody is told that there is only one way to live, one way to move, or one way to eat. We provide a wellness environment where people do not feel judged, shamed or disempowered for their bodies, views or goals. We provide the experiences, education, and empowerment needed to help people identify the specific set of lifestyle changes that will lead them to their personal definition of greater health and well-being.  We do not provide one-size-fits-all fitness or nutrition programming. Rather, The Body Shop provides people a place where people are able to be themselves and find the community, support, and acceptance that allow them to explore what they desire for themselves in terms of health and well-being.

 We help each person acquire the skills, information, and tools that will help them create that unique reality for themselves in a sustainable and enjoyable way. We form community with people who seek a positive wellness environment, while also providing enough individualized and focused support to allow people to explore the more challenging and personal aspects of their fitness and health journey. We care, and you will feel it every step of the way.  


Small Group Training Classes

Small Group Personal Training

These sessions are the primary format for the life-changing transformations that make us The Body Shop! Signature Group Fitness Training Sessions are semi-private, professionally-led workouts that are the result of years of experience, study, and cutting-edge science made accessible, efficient and productive for your busy life. 

Group Fitness Training Sessions have a maximum participant number of four, allowing our head trainer, Denise to focus 100% on making sure that you receive a workout tailored to your needs and that will progress all aspects of your fitness.


One-hour classes have been created to combine the benefits of strength training, interval training, cardiovascular training, agility training, and flexibility training to help you unlock your personal potential and feel amazing.

Classes are offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30am with registration in advance through the website. Completed Health History Form and Consent Waiver required.

small group

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes at The Body Shop are tailored to help you learn more about self-care and bring balance to your body and your mind. These yoga classes have a maximum of 10 participants and use body-weight movement sequences adapted to any skill level to create longer, leaner, toned and flexible muscles while cultivating a peace of mind and sense of relaxation essential for stress management and recovery from life’s demands.


Classes are 60-minutes long and require participants to remain in class for the full class duration in order to facilitate stress-relief. These classes are offered on a flexible schedule with greater focus on times of the year most prone to stress and strain. Participants are encouraged to register in advance through the website. Completed Health History Form and Consent Waiver required.

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Barre classes at The Body Shop

Barre Classes

Barre Classes at The Body Shop use ballet-based movements and positions combined with those drawn from Yoga and Pilates, exercises to develop strength and flexibility. Ease to use equipment such as resistance bands, exercise balls and hand weights are used to focus on small, pulsing movements with emphasis Barre classes focus on core strength and full-body engagement.


Classes are 60-minutes and are customized to the ability & experience of participants. Classes are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:45am with registration in advance through the website. Completed Health History Form and Consent Waiver required.

Gym Class

Specialty Classes

These classes are offered as special group opportunities for growth and to allow for new experiences that can lift us up when we feel out of touch with our wellness or can help us take our fitness to new levels by trying something new! 

These classes can also be custom designed for private groups or specialty events. So if your business, community group, corporation or family group are seeking a way to create unique wellness experiences for growth, bonding or team unity - we can provide custom programming for your group or team!

specialty classes
Sport Exercise

Private Personal Training

The Body Shop Private Personal Training Sessions are the ultimate in elite, custom-tailored workouts to help those who feel best served by individualized support. These one-hour sessions with Body Shop team members combine strength, flexibility, and stress relief into a one-of-kind fun and transformational experience that is safe and fun for any level of physical fitness or for those desiring support with any physical limitation. 

Sessions are scheduled individually and include our Body Shop Evaluation and Goal Setting as part of your registration process.

private training
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