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We believe that there is no single definition for health, or a single formula for how to achieve it. We believe that learning about YOU, discovering YOUR personal definition of wellness, and becoming your partner in achieving those goals will help you to reach your maximum potential.

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Denise Swafford, Founder

Founder Denise Swafford

What started as dream for Denise Swafford became a potently inspiring transformation of heart, mind, body and lifestyle. What happens when we dare to dream, but rather than holding back instead choose to finally take those real-life steps toward accomplishment?

From the boardroom to the Fitness Stage, Denise dared to commit and designed her path toward change and growth. Empowerment and Strength replaced doubt and fear. Goals became attainable and success resulted naturally. Joy results from the pursuit and attainment of true health and wellness. Having discovered this path to joy and wellness for herself and then empowering thousands of Americans along the way, Denise founded The Body Shop in 2021, starting in her garage and overnight her dream blossomed again. A vision formed to create a hub for connected community wellness, fitness and joy! 

The Body Shop Health and Wellness Center has now undergone its own transformation into a cutting-edge, expertly-equipped, ethically-driven, result-oriented, fitness and wellness center in Rockwood, TN.


Whether an actual neighbor or a virtual one, everyone who joins Denise and her crew at The Body Shop to tune-up their fitness and wellness are always considered part of our community because we care about you, your health, your fitness and your joy! 

Denise is blessed to be the daughter of supportive parents in Cumberland County, wife to adoring husband Pete, mother of talented daughter and son-in-law Rhiannon and Don Kelly, ambitious son Corey, and grandmother to beautiful granddaughters Kennedy & Harper.

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Dove is a Registered 500-hour Yoga Teacher, teacher trainer, and continuing education provider who shares the healing and strengthening aspects of yoga with The Body Shop community. Dove incorporates movements and practices from the Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga lineages to help people of any age, gender, experience or health-related challenge learn how their body can function optimally and pain-free anywhere or anytime.


Dove’s commitment to service and background in kinesiology, human performance, wellness and holistic living allow her to support people in any goal or challenge they choose. Her number one commitment is to “Do no harm”, but she lives The Body Shop motto of “The Sky is the Limit” because she believes in YOU.


Julie Nowak | Barre Instructor

Julie is a Barre Instructor, Teacher Trainer, Functional Fitness Educator, and qualified TRX Suspension Trainer, and Certified Health and Life Coach. She has been teaching, training, and coaching clients in the San Francisco Bay area, the Sierra Mountains, and now East Tennessee, to change the way they look, feel, and think, since 2012.


Her experience and integrative approach to fitness, health... and lifestyle, will hopefully inspire you to join me on the path to living your STRONGEST life.  



Kristina Kelsey | Yoga Instructor

Kristina has been a practicing yogi for over twelve years. After training privately for much of that, she received her certification to teach from Yoga for All in 2018.  Her teaching style blends yin and hatha yoga into slow flows that focus on stretching, making modifications to poses and breath work for relaxation.


Her goal is to show people that EVERY body is a yoga body.  Over the last four years, she has taught to a wide audience here in Roane County and is excited about finding a new home at The Body Shop!



Diane spent the 80's and 90's being a cross country runner, a competitive bodybuilder, a triathlete, and working as a personal trainer. She holds a National Exercise Trainers Association (NETA) personal trainer certification and a Nutrition Specialist certification.  She is also CPR/AED certified.


She specializes in training moms, teens, athletes, and even young kids in group fitness.  Her goal is to find that special something that will motivate each person to find a life filled with health, wellness and the ability to embrace an active lifestyle.

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