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Why Drink More Water, I Don’t Feel Thirsty?

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Most of us may notice an increase in energy levels by adding even one 8-ounce glass of water to our regular fluid intake.

Although there are general guidelines for adults to consume 8 glasses of water each day, the actual amount of water each person needs can be highly individual based on health history, activity levels and environmental factors.

Many people are surprised to learn that our bodies respond to chronic levels of low-grade dehydration by decreasing thirst, making it easier to forget to drink enough water.

Because our bodies are up to 70% water, the right amount of fluid is essential for normal bodily function and the effects of increased hydration on the body are quite extensive.

Here are just a few of the benefits to your overall health from just adding in an extra couple of glasses of water per day:

  • Drinking more water supports muscle function and exercise performance by ensuring that muscle fibers and connective tissues are hydrated and well lubricated to perform optimally. So, water makes our workouts better!

  • Increased hydration allows you to cool your body effectively through detoxifying sweat. Warmer or humid climates exacerbate the body’s need for hydration. Water keeps us comfortable!

  • Drinking additional water supports the health of your skin by ensuring that there is enough moisture for proper production of the skin’s natural oils or sebum. This helps to maintain the body’s soft and supple protective outer layer, supports the role of the skin in immune function, and makes us look healthy. Water makes us beautiful!

  • With increased water intake, the kidneys are able to function more properly and control water balance in the body more effectively.

  • The liver, the bowels, the lungs and the skin can better perform their excretory functions and then can properly detoxify the body when we are properly hydrated. The gentle and natural detox solution is to drink more water!

  • The endocrine system is better supported when we are hydrated, so we experience balanced production and distribution of hormones. Staying hydrated supports the hormones of our metabolism and reproductive system that make us energetic, fit and sexy!

  • Increased water intake supports proper blood circulation, helps the body to make new red and white blood cells and supports smooth cardiac function. Water wise makes us heart healthy!

  • Water intake increases support the health of all of the respiratory organs, and supports the cleansing and humidifying functions of the nose, sinuses, airways and lungs. That fresh breath of air and recovery from illnesses also benefit from hydration!

For more information about self-care, nutrition, wellness or to initiate your Body Shop fitness journey, you can stay informed or contact The Body Shop Crew.

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Does it make a difference when you drink your daily dose of water? Is it OK to drink it earlier in the day rather than all throughout the day and late into the evening?

Replying to

The short answer: it does matter. Drinking water throughout the day is key to maintain your bodies water balance. It's also very important to drink water before and after exercise to replace water lost during activity.

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